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Fossile fuels or renewable energy? Innovation or the renaissance of "old" energy sources? Which technology has the potential to allow for a sustainable energy supply in the future? Or, does this still not exist?

Prof. Jonas Puck, Academic Director of the MBA Energy Management, spoke to someone who should know: in an exclusive interview, Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin, former Secretary General of OPEC, outlines possible energy scenarios for the future and describes the necessary competences the manager of tomorrow in the energy business needs to have. Click here for the whole interview.

On another note, if you are planning a career in finance and you are not sure whether a CFA or an MBA is the right qualification for you - well, no problem. We have asked three experts about their opinion – here are their tips.

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Experiencing US business first-hand: New residency for the Professional MBA

Company visits, networking opportunities and special classes: As of fall 2015, Professional MBA students of both the Marketing & Sales and the Project Management specializations will have the chance to travel to the US and experience the complex globalized business environment. “No podcast, book or course manual can provide the kind of first-hand experience that our students will gain during their time in the US,” says Prof. Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, Dean of the WU Executive Academy.

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Martin Tordsson, Global Sales Development Director at Stokke

When Martin Tordsson was 14 years old, he already knew that he would end up in sales. Today, he is Global Sales Development Director at Stokke. In his career story, the Danish top manager explains how his leadership style is influenced by his Scandinavian roots and which two important promotions wouldn’t have happened without the academic foundation provided by his MBA.

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Forget all of your career goals

“For many people, there is nothing more frustrating than a dream coming true. So stop making plans and stop setting new goals,” says Conrad Pramböck, Head of Compensation Consulting with our Executive Search Partner Pedersen & Partners. How the internationally acclaimed career expert came to this conclusion and which powerful alternative he suggests instead, is revealed in this month’s Career Tips & Trends.

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Real-life training at its best in the Marketing & Sales certificate program

Instead of displaying their final projects proudly on their bookshelf, the students of the certificate program Marketing & Sales write their “master pieces” for successful international companies. Under the guidance of renowned industry experts, the participants develop creative marketing concepts, which are implemented into practice afterwards. Incidentally, they also have the chance of winning the “Best of Marketing” Willy Lehmann Award, which amounts to EUR 1,500.

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MBA & Master of Laws info-sessions

Join us at our upcoming Info-Sessions on Tuesday, Sep. 8 and Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2015 to get informed about your education options! Come meet academic directors, alumni and program managers, who will be happy to answer your questions. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Tidy up your online presence!

First impressions count – not only offline. It has long been known that applicants are googled before getting invited to a job interview. However, many people still underestimate or even neglect the internet and its potentials and challenges in self-marketing: embarrassing postings from one’s student times, unprofessional webpages and other virtual no goes. Jasmine Böhm, Employees' Sustainability Engagement at OMV and Global Executive MBA alumna shares her personal checklist as to how to be on the safe side on the World Wide Web.

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Top of the finance career ladder: with the CFA or the MBA?

For those considering a finance career, the question often is: should I go for a specialized Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance or the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification? Two current students of the Professional MBA Finance, who have already done the CFA, discuss the pros and cons to each educational path with Academic Director Prof. Manfred Frühwirth.

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Ready to manage the energy revolution of the 21st century?

How will the global energy supply of the future look like? Which challenges lie ahead for the energy industry? How can managers in that field prepare for this new development? Dr. Adnan Shihab-Eldin, former Secretary General of OPEC, and Prof. Jonas Puck, Academic Director of the MBA Energy Management, give their personal energy outlook for the 21st century and outline the special skills and know-how needed for the imminent transformation of the industry.

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LinkedIn tip: How to use status updates as an efficient content tool

Status updates are an essential part of social media communication. While many Facebook users feel that they get flooded with loads of irrelevant information, LinkedIn’s newsfeed strictly focusses on business topics. In this issue of our LinkedIn series, online-marketing expert Ritchie Pettauer outlines how you can increase your LinkedIn reach with the right posting strategy.

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Auditors need to be better trained than auditees

Being equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge and the latest tools is absolutely instrumental for auditors in their day-to-day work. This also applies to the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA). In the following interview, ACA president Dr. Josef Moser discusses the substantial benefits that ACA employees can derive from the Professional MBA Public Auditing with the program's academic director, Prof. Klaus Gugler, and explains why it is also an especially unique training opportunity for auditors from private service providers such as the "Big Four".

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10% of our MBA alumni become self-employed

Studying in an MBA program at the WU Executive Academy spurs people on to make their ideas a reality. As the results of the latest alumni survey show, 10% of all graduates have either become their own bosses, designed successful apps for international customers or have shaped the Austrian start-up industry. This edition of our Fact of the Month series tells the stories of former students who took the leap into self-employment and became successful entrepreneurs.

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