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It’s the culture of innovation that makes the difference: something which has a favorable influence on the innovative potential of businesses in some regions might be harmful to innovation in others. Only those who know about the cultural peculiarities will be successful on an international level. The new certificate program Global Innovation Expert provides executives with the necessary tools and skills to understand the differences in innovation around the globe and therefore manage their businesses even more effectively.

In general, salary negotiations are rather unpleasant and not necessarily fruitful. However, you may significantly improve your starting position with the right BATNA. What this means and how it works in practice is explained by our Executive Search Expert, Dr. Conrad Pramböck.

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Experiencing the culture of innovation: The new Global Innovation Expert program

“You have to know the rules of the game if you want to play it on an international level,” says Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy. For this reason, the Global Innovation Expert sends its students around the globe to experience various innovation settings first-hand. In Shanghai, Vienna and the Silicon Valley, the participants have the opportunity to immerse in the world of innovation and develop best practices with experienced experts from the region. The program starts in October, 2016.

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How to win any salary negotiation with the right BATNA

Salary negotiations are always a bit awkward. In particular, if your boss refuses to give you a pay rise. In a situation like this, you would be well-advised to have the right BATNA ready at hand. What BATNA stands for and how it helps you be in a much stronger starting position, is explained by Dr. Conrad Pramböck, Head of Compensation Consulting, with our executive search partner, Pedersen & Partners.

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WU Executive Club: Alumni Kick-off in the heart of Warsaw

On November 20, 2015, more than 60 Polish EMBA alumni of the Warsaw School of Economics (WEMBA) and numerous guests took up the invitation to attend an exclusive alumni kick-off event at the splendid Warsaw Marriott Hotel. This get-together was the first alumni event since the integration of the WEMBA alumni into the WU Executive Club.
Apart from providing plenty of opportunity to socialize and network, the evening featured a great lineup of speakers, who entertained the audience with their extraordinary speeches.

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Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Global Business Development Director at KiwiSecurity

“I believe that in this century, the ability to learn defines success, who we are and who we become,” says Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Global Business Development Director at KiwiSecurity. What the Professional MBA alumna learned above all is to value a good work-life-balance despite a demanding job. In this career story, the Professional MBA Alumna reveals why a good work-life-balance is the essence of a successful career and how the Professional MBA has helped her communicate more efficiently.

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Successful 21st Century Startups: What really matters?

Over 120 alumni and students of the WU Executive Academy attended a high-caliber panel discussion on the topic of “21st Century Entrepreneurship – Do We Know What Really Matters?” on November 27, 2015. In the foyer of the WU Executive Academy, successful international entrepreneurs shared their personal experiences and discussed current topics with the audience. For more details on the event please click here.


A story makes all the difference

Good storytellers will always be remembered and will stand out from the rest. However, not everybody is born a gifted entertainer, but the good news is that you can practice your narrative skills. Martin Atassi, Head of Strategic Portfolio Management | Marketing at A1, and Professional MBA alumnus, explains why it is key to create images in somebody's mind to win people’s favor and why this also applies – in particular – to MBA interviews.

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Business and Corporate Development Strategies: One program, three countries

Managers cannot ensure the long-term success of businesses unless they take the right strategic decisions. The new Business and Corporate Development Strategies program enables managers to excel at devising and implementing effective and efficient strategies and deepen their understanding of their roles as decision makers in an international environment. A particular highlight for the participants is their participation in the world’s most renowned strategy management conference in Berlin. The application deadline is March 31, 2016.

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4 partner universities and 40,000 kilometers for the Global Executive MBA

Within 15 months, the participants of the Global Executive MBA cover quite a considerable distance to gain knowledge on a global level. Students are not only in Vienna, but also in Russia, China, India and the U.S., where they can develop indispensable skills in an increasingly globalized world. Learn more about the program’s strong international orientation in this issue of our Fact of the Month.

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Increasing your reach via sponsored updates

The previous tip explained how to set up a company page. The number of new pages is currently skyrocketing, as LinkedIn has become a vital platform for content marketing and storytelling. In this tutorial, our online-marketing expert, Ritchie Pettauer, explains how to catch users’ attention through paid advertisements on LinkedIn.

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