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The world of work is changing: digitalization of processes, availability expectations and disruption of industries are just a few well known aspects which demand a new leadership culture. Read up on the 6 qualities executives need in order to be fit for the challenges of the future.

IT analysts estimate that every 2 years the global volume of data doubles. What is more, the new General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect in the European Union next spring, causes considerable uncertainty in the business community. We recently shed light on this situation which you can read about here.

Learn more about the last field trip in South America: 4 students of the current Global Executive MBA class shared their memories. We invite you to take a look at their videos.

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The right data for the right decisions
The 6 essential qualities for leadership in the 21st century
Marketing & Sales: "trends of the future" or more expensive hype?
Global EMBA Field Trip: videos from Chile and Brazil
The Digital CEO: what to consider in times of digitalization
Online Info-Sessions on the Executive MBAs
Faculty Insight: when a country goes bankrupt

The right data for the right decisions

By 2020, the global volume of data is expected to amount to 44 zettabytes. That equals 40 trillion gigabytes, or 57 times the amount of sand grains on all the world's beaches combined. Decision makers have to be aware of Big Data trends and new regulations if they want their companies to stay afloat and reduce their own liability.

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The 6 essential qualities for leadership in the 21st century

It is not enough to deal with changes as they pop up: we also have learn to take a proactive stance. This takes a lot of characteristics: from being courageous and self-anchored to staying focused and appreciative. Learn more about the 6 qualities that leaders need in order to be prepared for the challenges of the future.

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Marketing & Sales: "trends of the future" or more expensive hype?

Disruptive trends are turning brands upside down. Marketing and Sales managers must correctly classify these trends and understand their customers better than ever before. Dieter Scharitzer, Academic Director of the Certificate Program Marketing & Sales talks about the big picture of brands and chatbots, which are disrupting sales processes.

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Global EMBA Field Trip: videos from Chile and Brazil

What happens when a group of Global Executive MBA students travel across the globe to explore to exciting markets? Why don’t you see for yourself? Watch 4 participants share their personal experiences with short video messages directly from Chile and Brazil.

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What to consider in times of digitalization

"CEOs cannot just watch their organizations transition smoothly into the digital age," says Sabina Hoffmann, founder of ambuzzador and social media partner of the WU Executive Academy. The speed of change requires a proactive stance from executives, unless they want to fall behind. Read about best practices and 3 tips that will help you in the digital transformation.

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Online Info-Sessions on the Executive MBAs

Come to our 2 consecutive online information sessions on August 2, 2017 and learn about the Global Executive MBA and the Executive MBA Bucharest. You will have the chance to ask your questions directly to the Dean, Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, and the incoming Academic Director for the Executive MBA Bucharest, Prof. Phillip Nell. We invite you to participate and take the next step in your career.

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When a country goes bankrupt

In a research project, Georg Kodek, professor of civil and business law at WU Vienna and Academic Director at the WU Executive Academy, looked into the field of insolvency law and explained what happens if a municipality, a province or an entire country goes bankrupt. We invite you to watch an interesting report of his results and congratulate him on being recently awarded WU's "Researcher of the Month."

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