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The adaptability to change has been identified as one of the top skills needed for effective leadership. To kick-off our new leadership series the Executive Coach, Joy Medos, has written an article which highlights 5 ways for leaders to build up resilience.

Many companies see the value in continuing education. Before asking your employer to support your program cost, it's valuable to identify how you can align your company’s needs with the learning outcomes of your degree. You can then choose the right negotiation style for your business case. If you still need more support for your MBA or Master of Laws, check out these scholarships.

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How to become more resilient

“It is your level of resilience as a leader that will determine your success or failure,” says leadership coach Joy Medos. Executives who have the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well and to keep going in the face of adversity will also be successful in tough times. The first part of our new series “Mastering Leadership” explains how you can increase your own resilience.

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How to fail at innovation 2.0 – by Prof. Nikolaus Franke

Proactive companies will be able to adapt to the new opportunities of the digital age and the short-sighted ones will crash and burn. In this tongue-in-cheek guideline, Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, provides the best tips for failing at innovation.

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Murad Bagliev, Rosneft Strategy Department

“Life is more unpredictable than we expect,” says Murad Bagliev. When he was a boy, the participant of the Professional MBA Energy Management used to dream of exploring exotic countries. In this career story, he explains how he ended up in the world’s biggest publicly listed oil & gas company. The global strategy manager also reveals his leadership philosophy.

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Employer sponsorship of your degree: creating a business case

Many companies see the value in continuing education and are willing to contribute towards their employees’ success. Support can come in many ways including: percentage splits, reduced working hours, salary packaging, program fee reimbursement and support with the related travel/accommodation costs. 

Here are some tips to help you prepare a business case for sponsorship to your employer. Before you start writing:

1. Find out if there is an official policy on sponsorship; is there a dedicated learning fund and process for you to follow?
2. Identify the decision makers, as this may not be the person you directly report to.
3. Reflect on the timing: you may want to wait until you have applied to the program of your choice and have been accepted. This shows real commitment to pursuing a degree program.
4. Your proposal should then include how you plan to align your company’s needs with the learning outcomes. In other words, how does this program fit your personal and professional needs and  how will your degree benefit your company? Finally, write about your commitment to the company, and define the overall costs and the amount of support you are requesting from your employer.

You can then choose the right negotiation style for presenting your business case. If you still need more support for your program, check out these scholarships.
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Following the spirit of Google & Co: Silicon Valley Residency

Field trip to the valley of inspiration: 18 students and alumni spent five days in the “place to be” when it comes to IT and high tech industry developments. In Silicon Valley they exchanged views with innovative minds and experienced the entrepreneurial spirit of the Californian start-up scene first hand.

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8 steps to success

Have you already defined your own USP? Do you use the right platforms to get to know your potential employer beforehand? Do you keep your CV to the point? These 8 tips from Birgit Witzelsberger from our career partner, Deloitte, will boost your professional life.

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How to win your next negotiation

Before you walk into your next negotiation, consider this: your counterparty and you will always resort to one of five negotiation styles. Whether or not you will achieve your best possible outcome will depend on which one you deliberately chose. In the second part of our new series, negotiation expert Erich Rifenburgh explains how to use different styles in different situations.

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