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While there still is a degree of skepticism on the part of managers, there is something that major companies such as Google, SAP or BASF have known for a long time: Managers with the ability to be mindful are able to use their resources more efficiently and are good problem-solvers. For this reason, the WU Executive Academy created the new Special Workshop: “Rethink Leadership – BE mindful!” which teaches methods on how to keep cool in difficult situations and to focus on what really matters. You can get all workshop details here.

The talk of the town is content marketing. Social media channels, websites and other touchpoints between a brand and its customers require fresh ideas on an ongoing basis. The economic sustainability is therefore a constant concern of social media marketeers. Our online marketing partner, Ritchie Pettauer, talks about how to combine different planning tools for your editorial process in a smart way. Read more here.

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Leadership in the fourth industrial revolution

In October 2016, a driverless bus took a tour through the streets of Salzburg. Fleets of Uber's driverless vehicles have been launched in the streets of Pittsburgh in the U.S. All around the globe, digital systems are taking the control of the wheel in this new era of transportation. Stanton Chase, our international executive search partner, recently released a white paper about the effects that autonomous vehicles are having on the talent search industry.

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Where major innovations come from - by Prof. Nikolaus Franke

“Breathing” shoes, the heart-lung machine or the mountain bike: Many ground-breaking innovations were created by users, not companies. In a recent study by the WU Vienna and the TU Hamburg, results show that many decision makers drastically underestimate the innovative power of users. Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Academic Director of the WU Executive Academy’s Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, describes the enormous economic and creative potential of user innovation in this article.

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Andriy Ivashkiv, SVP Client Success at SoftServe

The fact that Andriy Ivashkiv’s motto in life is based on a math problem comes as no surprise. His interest in algorithms was seeded in his teenage years when he was allowed to play games on bulky computing machines that took entire rooms at his uncle’s work. Since then, Ivashkiv opened new offices in several European cities for SoftServe, a technology solutions company. He is responsible for more than just software development; in his career story, the alumnus of the Global Executive MBA talks about how his MBA helped him climb the career ladder.

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Career Video: Be your own role model!

Pieces of advice from great leaders like Richard Branson or Steve Jobs don't always help, says career expert Conrad Pramböck. Our executive search partner and head of compensation consulting at Pedersen & Partners encourages finding your own way instead of trying to emulate your role model. In our video interview, he poses two questions you should ask yourself first.

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Apply now: “Employer Brand Manager of the Year” Award

You now have the chance to win something for your company: the “Employer Brand Manager of the Year” Award is now open to nominations and honors talented teams and individuals who have an extraordinary feel for their employer brands. Moreover, jury members stress that the award is not about big brands or names but about creativity, drive, ideas, strategies and personal commitment. Nominate your team or colleagues in Austria, Germany or Switzerland by April 14, 2017.

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