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Just closing the deal is a thing of the past. Tomorrow's sales managers will be able to do more, much more - and with good reason. There is arguably no field that is evolving more rapidly than modern sales - and this applies to B2B as much as it relates to B2C.

On this note, Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy, analyzes the 4 key sales skills that will make managers fit for the future.

Vienna is the city of coffee and culture, but also the city world-class MBAs: Just recently, the metropolis on the banks of the Danube was voted the most liveable city in the world in the famous Mercer ranking, and it is an important place on the global economic and political map. The fact that Vienna is also a perfect place to do an MBA is emphasized by Cesary Baran, who is commuting from Poland to study here.

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Just closing the deal is a thing of the past – this is what sales managers of tomorrow need to know

Nothing is as constant as change. There is arguably no field where this famous saying by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus is truer than in modern sales. Products, services and, in particular, buying behaviors are evolving ever more rapidly. So, what do sales managers have to bring to the job in order to be able to achieve long-term success against this complex backdrop? In this month’s newsletter, Prof. Barbara Stöttinger, Dean of the WU Executive Academy, analyzes the 4 key sales skills that no manager can do without in the future.

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Video Special Part 1: You cannot make it on your own

In part one of our video special, our executive search partner, Dr. Conrad Pramböck, Head of Compensation Consulting at Pederson & Partners, highlights why reliability, competence and creativity are not enough to be successful. Which additional factor is essential for an exceptional career, can be discovered



Panel Discussion "Digital Leadership" – Shifting paradigms as the new normal

The rules of the economic game and the backdrop against which workplaces need to be designed have long changed; but what about those who aren't “digital natives”? How do they deal with these profound changes? In addition, what leadership models does the digital transformation call for? In a panel discussion at the WU Executive Academy on September 15, 2016, leading experts from universities and organizations discuss the challenges and chances inherent to the rapid digitalization of the business world. Register now; a few places are still available.

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Florin Cioc, Head of Corporate Procurement Well Related Services at OMV

“I doubt that without energy mankind would have progressed to what we have reached today,” says Florin Cioc, explaining his fascination for the energy industry and his choice for the MBA Energy Management. This quote is also perfectly applicable to Florin as a person – after all, it was his own energy that made him step up the career ladder. In this month’s Career Story, he explains how he recharges his batteries after a week of hard work and why he would like to change places with Lionel Messi for one day.

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Energy Snapshot: the exceptional career of Ivan Sandrea, CEO of Sierra Oil & Gas

David against Goliath: When Ivan Sandrea set up Sierra Oil & Gas, he pitched his business idea against some of the largest energy players in the world, and secured equity commitments of more than $1 billion USD. Prior to this huge success, the exploration geologist from Venezuela had been consulting a number of global companies like BP Exploration International, Merrill Lynch and OPEC. In our interview, Ivan provides exclusive insights into how he made it to the top of the energy sector.

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Interview with Prof. Martina Huemann: You can learn to be a great project manager

What qualities and personal characteristics make a good project manager? What are the most important factors when team members live and work in different countries? How can you best learn the practical skills that are crucial to successful project management? In an exclusive interview with Prof. Martina Huemann, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Project Management and Head of the Project Management Group at WU, the internationally acclaimed project management expert provides answers to these and other questions.

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Info-Sessions & fairs in a city near you

Join us at our upcoming Info-Sessions in Vienna or at one of our international events in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Serbia. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions about our MBA & Master of Laws programs. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

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Why Vienna is the perfect city for an MBA

The city of coffee and culture, and world-class MBAs: As a student of the Professional MBA at the WU Executive Academy, Cezary Baran knows about the advantages of Vienna first-hand. Austria’s capital is not only top-listed as the most liveable city in the world, but it is also home to international organizations like OPEC and IAEA and an important place on the global economic and political map. In this interview, the Vice President and CFO at Emperia Holding S.A. explains why Vienna also is the perfect location for an MBA.

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B2B multichannel marketing the easy way with social media

B2B social media marketing is still in its early stages in Europe, while the Anglo-American web has embraced tools like marketing automation, multichannel strategies and setups a while ago. In this edition of our Digital Media series, online marketing expert Ritchie Pettauer outlines how B2B social media marketing is different from B2C marketing. Ritchie has prepared a useful checklist on the right platforms for achieving the best results for your campaign exclusively for the readers of our newsletter.

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Event highlight: WU Energy Series - developing skills for Joint Operating Agreements

Joint ventures (JVs) are common practice for parties with a shared interest in exploring and exploiting crude oil and gas. Naturally, the establishment of JVs poses significant challenges of contractual, legal, financial and operational nature. On November 28 - 29, 2016, the participants of the WU Energy Series get the chance to train and develop their practical skills when it comes to preparing Joint Operating Agreements. Students, alumni and friends of the WU Executive Academy receive an exclusive 15% discount on the participation fee.

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