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2019 marked another eventful year, in which we provided you with many exciting topics from the world of executive education. At the beginning of the New Year, we would like to present you a selection of our best-performing articles, quick and handpicked - just in case you missed something.

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PS: For those of you who would like to learn where the journey of executive education is heading, we have analyzed the 6 most important executive education trends of 2020.

Trying out freestyle leadership - 6 practical approaches

From old to new? When it comes to leadership, one cannot say this is good and that is not; things are more complex than that, and, as we all know, there are no recipes for “getting leadership right”. However, trailblazers and pioneers do occasionally provide us with inspiration for modern and forward-looking leadership beyond the traditional methods found in management how-to books. Here are the pros and cons of 6 not quite everyday leadership methods.

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Guideline for high potentials: How to turn talent into performance

Listening to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is something very special. But what makes it so outstanding? Certainly the fact that each and every one of its musicians is an exceptional talent in his or her own right. But even the best orchestra in the world cannot deliver a top performance unless everybody is given the room to unlock his or her full potential so as to make the most of his or her very individual talents and skills. If you would like to motivate your own high potentials to both, be their best selves and perform at their best on a regular basis, check out our practical talent guideline.

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The periodic table of leadership

We humans are constantly in search of structure and order because this helps us understand complex relationships better. The same logic applies when it comes to understanding the complex issue of leadership from a holistic perspective. It is therefore helpful to draw on existing structural systems from another discipline, such as the natural sciences. The chemical elements of the periodic table for example are wonderfully suitable for making analogies to leadership and getting a better orientation. Find out why there are also 5 states of aggregation in the periodic table of leadership and what good leadership actually means.

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Career Moves @ WU Executive Academy:


Who has changed jobs? Who was promoted?

This time:

Katarina Stanisavljevic, Managing Director, Carat Austria GmbH
Albrecht Miltezky, Head of Production, Hamburger Containerboard
Ivaylo Peev, Country Manager, Next Level Fitness Clubs

Paradigm shift vs. hype: What blockchain technology can be used for (already)

Many new, promising technologies come and go. No matter if is a great deal of global hype surrounding them. A technology that is here to stay, though, is the Blockchain - experts all over the world are sure of that. One of them is Prof. Alfred Taudes, Head of WU Vienna's Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics. In this article, WU Vienna’s blockchain expert analyzes what innovative use cases exist today and in what areas the technology is about to revolutionize entire industries.

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Have you tried it already? Leading and learning "with the brain"

Brain-friendly leadership? Sounds weird, but it's not. Andy Habermacher knows what brain-friendly learning and leadership can do for the company as a whole, but also for the individual employee, and what good managers do differently in this respect. In this article, the British neuroleadership expert explaines which potentials are set free inside us if we learn and lead "with the brain" rather than against it.

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What employers are looking for today: the Top 10 Skills for Leaders

According to the Financial Times Skills Gap Survey, some leadership skills are currently in high demand, some particularly difficult to recruit. Read this article to check out what skills and what mindset leaders should have in the future and why some skills are difficult to get from an employer's perspective.

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How to ensure that your MBA will be a real career booster

An MBA helps you make that long-desired career step, increase your responsibilities and take home a bigger paycheck. However, only if you do it right. In the following, Kerstin Knapp, Chief Human Resources Officer at Puma Energy and a graduate of the Global Executive MBA, and Andreas Landgrebe, Managing Partner at Boyden Executive Search, explain what really matters when it comes to ensuring that your MBA will give your career that desired boost.

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