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During the summer, we of course would still like to provide you with exciting topics from the world of executive education. Therefore, our Dean, Barbara Stöttinger and our Managing Director, Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, have put together some highlights. Our must-read articles were handpicked exclusively for you - just in case you missed something.

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PS: By the way, we are particularly proud of some special news: Our Global Executive MBA has recently achieved top results in 2 of the world's most important MBA rankings: #11 worldwide in the QS Global EMBA Ranking 2020 and, in the Economist EMBA Ranking it was ranked #46 worldwide.

Management Checklist: 8 Tips for Personal Success

Hands-on mentality is more important than ever: It is no coincidence that the term "management" has its roots in Latin: manus, "hand" and agere, "to lead by the hand”. Because in day-to-day business, decisiveness, courage and flexibility often count more than great visions and 120% waterproof solutions. Based on her many years of experience with international executives, Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy, has developed a checklist for long-term success in management.

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Bullshit Bingo in the Boardroom

“We need to shape the digital transformation!" - "Disruptive is our motto now!" - "Our company should become more agile!" These are the phrases which often get thrown around in boardrooms and on international discussion panels, without much forethought. Some of the executives simply prefer to play the game of “bullshit bingo.” The winner is the one who says "agility", "disruption" or "new work" the most. In a guest commentary in the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard," Helga Pattart-Drexler, Head of Executive Education, explains why it’s better to concentrate on what really matters instead and to ask the right questions.

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Narcisissm and the Dark Side of Leadership

What is it that makes an honest executive start cheating? Many top executives who have been convicted of corruption or fraud show strikingly similar personality traits. Yet as many know, it’s the imbalance and commandeering presence of certain traits which lead to exasperating consequences for an individual. Leadership expert, Prof. Günter Stahl, and Prof. Stephan Doering, Head of the Medical University of Vienna’s Department of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, have taken a close look at the fine line between narcissistic and psychopathic traits in top management.

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The Robot CEOs Are Coming

Could the next CEOs run on code or is this just an unrealistic sci-fi plot? Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of the Chinese internet company, Alibaba, predicts that robots will soon become managers and even take on CEO positions; he claims they are more objective and less sensitive than people. Reactions to this idea range from fear of massive layoffs to overly optimistic performance forecasts. Read how the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will probably change the life of many managers.

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The Fabulous World of Business Animals

Unicorns, zebras, gorillas and more: A day at the zoo is a memorable experience for children and adults alike. Yet animals not only play a role at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, but also in the economy. Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy, took a virtual walk through the the fabulous world of business animals.

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Agile's Seven - What Else?

For quite some time experts have been arguing about the most effective approach to agile project management. What is frequently overlooked in the discussion, however, is that putting together the right team is crucial for this type of project management. Even a casino can be robbed, provided the right people are entrusted with the operation - a fact already known to George Clooney, also known as Danny Ocean, in Ocean’s Eleven.There are 7 different types of team members that can be identified based on Steven Soderbergh's film classic. Read about who you need you have on your team.

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Peter Drucker's Magic Formula for the 21st Century

Peter Drucker turned out to be right with what he had anticipated in the mid 1980s – a shift from an employee society towards an entrepreneurial society. Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Academic Director of the WU Executive Academy's Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Head of WU's Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation subscribes to this idea: “What matters in the 21st century is the ability to think and act like an entrepreneur.”

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